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February 3, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Finding TzolGene 563.213.891: Validating the Gene Sequencing Potential of the Mayan Sacred Calendar; (and Introducing Cryptobiogenics)


Purportedly, there is a Code that underlies, and gives rise to everything. God/Source created It, and uses Its Logic to transmit His/Its Presence, everywhere, via electromagnetic radiation; especially via starlight, (and stardust). The Maya call it the "Tzolkin"; although they use it mainly in relation to its chronological correspondences, (as their Sacred Calendar), it may rightly be regarded as the Holiest fruit of their culture. The Logic of Tzolkin's Code is binary, and vibrational in Nature, and Form; so is that of the genetic code. Hypothetically, since It gives rise to everything, the Code should also be "biogenic"; it should somehow embody at least one gene sequence that yields actual, organic life. Organic life comes in two main varieties, (1) prokaryotic, (basic, and fundamental, single-celled, giving rise, and support to), and (2) eukaryotic, (complex, multi-celled). Merging their binary logics, this author disclosed the simplest possible full gene sequence that may be embedded within the Tzolkin's Code. When the sequence was analyzed, and compared to genomes of known organisms, it proved to encode a viable, [i.e. actual living] prokaryotic organism that happens to be one of the most pervasive, symbiotic parasites on the planet!

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Original title: Finding TzolGene 563.213.891: Validating the Gene Sequencing Potential of the Mayan Sacred Calendar

Written by Reverend Michaele Alyras de Cygne.
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